Destroyed Freetown SIERRA LEONE (09-27-99)
Sierra Leone Brewery Ltd. was badly damaged on 6th January 1999 during the rebel invasion of Freetown. Thus it is currently out of production until its reconstruction has been finished. The assortment contains the brands 'Star Beer', 'Guinness Stout' and 'Maltina'.

HONG KONG'Carlsberg' in Chinese
Danish brewer Carlsberg will discontinue production at its Hong Kong brewery on 30th April 1999. Carlsberg Brewery Hong Kong Ltd., 51% owned by Carlsberg and 49% owned by Swire Pacific, indicated that it was discontinuing its production on the island because of high costs, especially high wages. The brewery will supply its Hong Kong customers from another of its breweries.

South African Breweries Ltd., the world's 4th largest brewing company, operates seven breweries with a total output of 25 million hl in South Africa. Moreover, the company has interests in breweries in Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Zambia, Namibia, Mozambique, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, the Seychelles, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and China.

The new labels of 'Beach Beer' and 'Bikini Ale' cannot be regarded as Netherlands Antilles any more because the company has moved from the Dutch (town: Philipsburg) to the French part of the island of St-Martin/St. Maarten; proof of this is the name of the location 'Saint Martin, F.W.I.', which stands for 'French West Indies'; furthermore 'Saint-Martin' is the French version of the Dutch name 'Sint Maarten'. The French part belongs to the overseas department of Guadeloupe, so the labels ought to be looked upon as Guadeloupe.

Coaster of Caicos Brewing Co. TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS
In former times there was a firm called 'Caicos Brewing Co.'. They did, however, not brew any beer, but imported cheap beer from the USA and had it canned under another name. No souvenirs are known apart from coasters (see picture). The company went bankrupt because of too little sales. A new brewery was opened in the islands at the end of 1998: Turks & Caicos Brewing Co. Ltd. with the beers Caya Pilsener and West Indies Pale Ale. No paper labels but bottles with permanently applied pyrographic silk-screen labels are in use. You can find the address in the brewery register.

Can of Falaj Malt Beverage OMAN
A non-alcoholic drink called 'Falaj Malt Beverage' (see picture) is produced in Oman. The company is called 'Gulf Beverage Industries LLC' and fills the beverage only into cans. The address is available in the brewery register.

There was a brewery in the island of St. Thomas some years ago brewing the beer 'Spinnaker Lager'. No labels of the beer are known.

GUAMCoaster of PUB
Pacific Universal Brewing (PUB), Dededo, stopped production. On the picture you see a PUB coaster.
San Miguel Brewing Co. (Guam), Inc., has been closed for over 15 years.
A brewery called 'Gotham City Brewery' was supposed to open in the town of Tamuning, but it never has come that far because the owner went bankrupt before. The building is completely finished. The concept was to hire beautiful, articulate models as waitresses and bartenders.

Sapporo Breweries Ltd., Japan, is going to build a brewery in Taiwan near Taipei. The brewery with a museum and the possibility to make tours is supposed to start production in 1999.

In October 1997 Fosters Brewing Group Vietnam Holdings, a subsidiary of Australia's Fosters Group, acquired two Vietnamese breweries for about US$ 55 millions from France's BGI Group (Brasseries et Glacières de l'Indochine). The breweries situated in Da Nang and Tien Giang have a total output of 90,000 hl. Production of Fosters Beer was started in 1998.
Warsteiner Brewery, Germany, had brewed Isenbeck Beer in Soc Trang according to the German Purity Law, but production has been stopped. There has been an Isenbeck Brewery in Zárate, Argentina, already since 1994.

Holsten glass, formerly bottle HONDURAS
Cervecería Hondureña S.A. has brewed Holsten Beer under licence from Hamburg, Germany, in San Pedro Sula according to the German Purity Law since 1995. Meanwhile it has become the most successful brand on the premium sector. The beer is filled into green bottles with pyrographic labels. With the bottles being so beautiful, beer drinkers in Honduras sometimes make such funny glasses like the one on this picture.

In 1995 there were over 800 breweries in China, which brewed 120 million hl every year; there had only been 8 in 1950. Despite of the growing beer sales (about 13 litres per capita) some 200 breweries have had to close in the last few years.

Beer(?) labels from Bangladesh BANGLADESH
5000 hl of beer were brewed in Bangladesh in 1993, as also in the previous year. A non-alcoholic beer made of different fruits was allegedly brewed there many years ago (labels on this picture). Producion was, however, stopped.