Cross and Star of David

"in perfect harmony"
collage / design for stained glass window - 1981
61 x 61 cm
Limited edition DM 450,- (incl. passepartout)
Signed card DM 13,20

This collage was created around 1982 in the US as a stained glass window design for a planned Judeo-Christian community center. The content and meaning of this image are as simple as they are programmatically profound:
The cross is virtually meaningless without the foundation of the Old Testament. Jesus saw himself as a Jew, as a reformer of Jewish religion that was stuck in mechanistic vanities and a struggle for patriarchal power. He also was crucified as a Jew - as the King of the Jews, in fact. And many of his messages, especially that of forgiveness, are directed against the narrow-hearted guilt accounting the religious establishment of his times was bent on using for its own advantage.
All this leaves us today with the urgent mandate, not to let his death become meaningless. But this is what is indeed predominantly happening throughout the world as soon as there are no critical voices questioning and counteracting the (male) striving for power which is implicit characteristic of any institution.


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