I was 0 when I first crossed the Styx onto this glaring planet and I tend to doubt that anyone asked me for my opinion, then. I am told that I was top-heavy from the start. As the youngest of three post WW-II children I had - they say - some advantages. I was preceded by "the" older sister and "the" older brother. And "they" (both Leo rising) haven't changed much.

The first word I am to have spoken was "No."

At the age of three I fell in love and I have stayed that way ever since.

First the girl on the other side of the sandbox; she got my prettiest sand cakes and was inundated with all the daisies I could find. At 12, the woman across the street - she wanted no sand cakes and the variety of flowers grew.

At 16, I went across to the other side of the city, and then to another other side of the same city, Munich. And at 22 I crossed the Atlantic for the first time.

What makes me tick?

It is L O V E and it is A R T.

Music, first absolutely (tunnel visioned - in hindsight) classical, but lucky to meet and work with the greatest.  Then I met "the voice" as Leonard Bernstein called her, less classical but still "the one and only" and a standard for all to follow. But that is another story - that of a novel yet to be published.

The last 25+ years of my life were devoted, aside from intermittent spurts of painting and music, to the arts of writing, translating, and for nearly 10 years now to the art(s) of healing. Natural medicine has also become the focus of  my writing.

Happy End

what can I say?

for the moment, I am a bit speechless.
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